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Smallville: Faded memories

Well, it's a kiss... will that satisify the Chlarkers?
This week’s riveting episode of Smallville found Chloe losing her mind…literally. Thanks to Brainiac, Clark’s BFF can’t remember the people and places she loves – not even her own fiancé and their nuptials are just one week away. Poor Jimmy! As she tries to put up a brave front and hide her piecemeal memory from those close to her, Chloe confides in Clark the severity of Brainiac’s hold on her noggin. We felt an uncomfortable jolt when Chloe lead Clark into her secret room of CliffsNotes. With papers and profiles of Smallville’s familiar faces plastered on all the discernable wall space, it eerily reminded us of a similar scene in “A Beautiful Mind.” Of course, Russell Crowe’s character was suffering from delusions, where Brainiac is actually replacing Chloe’s memories with Kryptonian data – including one reoccurring symbol for doom. Can we say foreshadowing?

Clark decides the only remedy to this situation involves paying a visit to the Arctic and rebuilding the Fortress of Solitude to seek Jor-El’s guidance. While Clark reconnects with his father, Jimmy admits Chloe to the hospital for an MRI. The brain scan finally wipes out all of Chloe’s memories except for Davis’ lingering face. She immediately seeks him out and in a chivalrous move Davis returns Chloe to Jimmy and Clark.

Clark brings Chloe to Jor-El to restore her memory, but Clark makes one request: that Chloe wake up without the knowledge of his secret. It’s too dangerous for Chloe to know about his special abilities and even though Clark laments hiding the truth from her, letting her go is the best way to protect her. It broke our hearts to see the agony on Clark’s face as he bid goodbye to his lone confidant.

Chloe returns to normal and goes about her wedding plans when Davis confronts her to profess his love. Seems Davis doesn’t believe that Jimmy is the right man. Davis kisses Chloe (did anyone else let out a loud gasp at this gesture, or was it just us?), who goes along with it for a split-second before pulling away, horrified at her actions. Davis tells Chloe he’ll wait for her.

We then flash back to the Arctic where Clark’s fortress is overcome with a black tar-like substance as a voice-over informs us that a new age of power and strength is on the horizon.

Doomsday is coming!

How spooky! And can we just say how pumped we are for Chloe’s wedding next week? Everyone loves a wedding, but in Smallville nothing goes smoothly.



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How could the Smallville writers be so stupid! Chloe´s known 4 4 years and now she does not remember? This better be fixed before Lana leaves again. Every conversation Clark and Chloe had somehow involved Clark´s secret. She basically 4got the last 4 years of her life. Isn´t she going to question about the blanks in her life now.

E.C.: i agree; smallville fans ARE the best. Too bad the network and producers don't give a rip about them. it's a ship sailing without any one at the helm.

The writers want us to believe Clark is being heroic by protecting Chloe, but he is actually taking away her free will.
It is her right to have HER memories. It is her RIGHT to choose to put her life in danger. Not Clark's. What he did was morally and ethically wrong. He is not God. She is the only person who should be allowed to make that choice.
Plus, now Clark has put Chloe out of a job. I don't think she makes any money from ISIS. She was getting money from Oliver working with the league. How can she work for him if she doesn't know about Clark's secret? That would be pretty inconvenient for the team. Or will she even remember the league?
The writers have written themselves into a nasty hole. Not the brightest bulbs in the bunch if you ask me.
I wanted to throw tomatoes at the screen when Clark did that. You can't take away the Chlark friendship. You just can't. As much as the writers are trying to "erase" the Chloe and Clark fans it's just not going to happen.
How they've treated the character of Chloe, as well as the actress Allison Mack is just plain disgusting. Why? Because she's not in the stupid comics. This is a TV SHOW. It's not the comics.
And all I have to say is they better bring ALL of Chloe's memories back, or this show will be ruined for good in my opinion.

Heartless? How so? He would have been doing what Chloe wanted. She specifically told him earlier in that episode that she was happy for making a difference in the world, helping save it, and that she wouldn't trade it for anything. Taking that away from her is a heartless action.

Clark showed arrogance in thinking that Chloe would be better off leading a normal life. Being normal has always been Clark's desire, but it's never been Chloe's. She has always wanted to be special, to make a difference. Clark has now taken away her memories of doing so. It would be completely out of character for Chloe to be content with her life as it is now. But Clark, as always, thought he knew better, and acted based on what he would want in Chloe's case, not what she actually wanted.

Clark went completely against the wishes Chloe told him earlier in the episode. She was mortified at the prospect of losing her memories. Clark acted out Chloe's worst fear by choosing not to give Chloe all of her memories back.

I was not happy when I was watching this, I dont think it was a good idea to erase her memories. She is helping with his destiny and its gonna be dumb that no one else knows. Maybe he will tell Lois, that would be great but still not happy about her memories going.

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Smallville fans are the best!

Chloe's actions and memories for the last few years have been dedicated to helping Clark. Removing every memory connected with Kal-el would essentially be erasing 3 years of her life. That's just too inconceivable. I could understand if she only knew a very short time, but we're talking years off of Chloe's life and memories. If you subtract those, the only things left are her written articles at the Planet and Jimmy.

I think it's ridiculous taking Chloe's memories of Clark's secret and his abilities. This are four years we're talking about, not 2 weeks. What does Chloe remember at this point? Her life turned around Clark and keeping his secrets this long? Is Chloe's mind blank now? Did they put fake memories in her head? This is beyond crazy.

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